Locally Sourced Produce

Locally Sourced Produce


Dining at The Manor House Country Hotel is a magical experience combining exquisite menus, excellent service and unrivalled views of the lake.

Glorious Food Heritage

Our menus celebrate Lough Ernes glorious food heritage - contemporary, country house cooking with a lightness of touch that is wonderfully satisfying.

Our head chef is constantly inspired by the wealth of produce on our doorstep, such as - Dohertys Black Bacon, Fermanagh Organic Beef, Baronscourt Venison, Killybegs Fish and a portfolio of small local suppliers including Fermanagh Honey, Erin Grove Preserves and Jams and of course the unmistakeable Boatyard Gin.

From the Chef

“We are determined where possible to produce great food for guests using locally sourced ingredients. There are several reasons for this; we like to support local growers and producers; we know that using local produce is in some small way contributing to our carbon footprint and we know that with a range of great quality produce on our door step, why would we go anywhere else?”