Manor Fitness

Manor Fitness


Our Fitness Suite is a membership-only feature of the hotel with the exception to staying guests who are welcome to use our fitness suite and join our classes on a pre-booked basis.

Meet your Fitness Goals

When you become a member of the Manor House Leisure Complex you can enjoy working out with an impressive range of equipment. Our Personal Trainers have carefully selected each fitness machine to ensure you get the most effective workout and meet your fitness goals.


The Fitness Suite provides a motivating environment to get into your exercise routine; furnished with state-of-the-art multi-gym and aerobic equipment. All equipment is rigorously maintained and updated, making Manor House Leisure one of the most modern leisure facilities in Northern Ireland.

Manor Fitness Features

From new suspension trainers and myofascial compression tools to the most effective weight plate machines and in addition an impressive variety of cardiovascular machines.

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Gym Facilities

You can enjoy your workout and reach your full fitness potential.

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Fitness Classes

Our weekly classes schedule are popular and suitable for a variety of fitness levels.

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Personal Trainer

Book in with one of our personal trainers to update your existing fitness programme.

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Manor Leisure

Manor Leisure is a great place to simply relax or reward yourself after a rigorous gym workout.

Manor House Personal Trainers & Classes

Your comfort and safety are our priority, which is why we have a highly trained team of Personal Trainers on hand to lend advice and support. If you are seeking a fitness program designed specifically for your fitness needs, our Leisure Team is on hand to guide you through our gym.

Manor Fitness Membership

Manor Leisure combines top of the range gym facilities with everything you need to recharge the mind and body.